Along with the academic teaching, fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research activities are carried out at the Faculty of Biology and Geology. Through its aims, content and methodology, scientific research is part of the strategy of Babeş-Bolyai University. Moreover, it has specific objectives which are representative for the areas addressed.

In our faculty, the mission of scientific research is to support, develop and promote fundamental knowledge, innovation and knowledge transfer, as well as to improve human resources. The logistical means of research are provided by the laboratories of our departments, by the collaborating RDUs and by the additional infrastructure.

Adaptation according to the socio-economic environment is one of the objectives of academics. The Faculty of Biology and Geology aims to maintain performance standards and competitiveness, together with its dynamic adaptation to the international academic environment.

Scientific research is a priority criterion in the multi-year evaluation of the faculty’s teaching staff and is the core element of professional development. At the same time, the performance of scientific research is an essential criterion for granting of additional funding, as well as for the prestige and international visibility of our faculty.

Research funding at the Faculty of Biology and Geology is provided through budget allocations, research grants and nationally or internationally funded research contracts with academic or economic partners. Most of the research results are used in the training of students. Scientific production is also disseminated to the research community and third parties through presentations at national and international events and through publications in journals in the country and abroad.