Registration and examination

June-July 2022: on the 27 of June 2022, for all specializations in the faculty.

September 2022: on the 5 September 2022, for all specializations in the faculty.

For the first session, June-July 2022, registrations will take place online, during 06.06.2022-21.06.2022

The registration platform is:

Please call the faculty secretary/ send an email to com before starting the registration process to check your situation (if you have all the grades and what documents are available at the dean’s office so that they can be used for registration).


Registration and examination

The bachelor’s / diploma exam at the UBB Faculty of Biology and Geology consists of two tests, as follows:

  1. test 1: assessment of basic and specialized knowledge;
  2. test 2: presentation of the bachelor’s thesis / diploma project.

The presentation and support of the bachelor’s thesis / diploma project is public so that students and teachers from the Babes-Bolyai University are offered the possibility to participate.

Basic and specialized knowledge evaluation (within the bachelor’s exam) will be done within a spoken examination, in the language of the programme the student has studied.

Clarifications for basic and specialized knowledge evaluation within the bachelor’s exam:

a) the commissions related to all the specializations from the Faculty of Biology and Geology will formulate a number of minimum 3 and maximum 6 subjects/ questions in the field in which the student’s bachelor’s thesis is. The student will choose a topic at random.

b) the candidate will receive at least 10 minutes for the presentation of the elaborated answer and the answers to the questions of the commission.

c) the results obtained at the spoken/oral tests cannot be contested.

The presentation of the bachelor’s/ diploma thesis will take place “face to face” on the same day, each candidate having 10 minutes to present the paper and at least 5 minutes to answer the questions of the examination board.

The obligatory anti-plagiarism verification, prior to the defense, of all the works for the completion of the studies will be carried out according to a Procedure elaborated at the level of the Faculty of Biology and Geology.

The bachelor’s commissions will display, 24 hours before the first day of the examination, on the Faculty’s website the students’ schedule for each of the commissions (date and time).


Documents required for registration (PDF) :

Birth certificate

Identity card

Form – to be downloaded, filled-in, signed and scanned

Application for the approval of the Bachelor’s theme –  to be downloaded, filled-in, signed by the student and coordinator, scanned

Affidavit –  to be downloaded, filled-in, hand-signed and scanned


What the Secretary’s office adds to your dossier:

Study certificates: baccalaureate diploma and transcripts, certificate of language proficiency – if haven’t been picked-up from the faculty

Teacher’s report

If these documents are available in our archive.


It is mandatory to bring to the Secretary’s office your printed bachelor paper until the date in which you have your exam, acompanied by two recent, color, (3/4) photos of yourself.