Dear candidates,

The “Emil Racoviță” competition will take place on ………… in the ……………………. 5-7 Clinicilor Street


Registration can be made at the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Biology and Geology:


From……. to …….

Upon registration, candidates are asked to specify:

  • first and last name,
  • date and place of birth,
  • town and high school where they come from,
  • full permanent residence (locality, county, street, number, block, apartment),
  • series and number of the ID card,
  • contact details (phone and e-mail),
  • specialization / specializations (order of options), and line (Romanian or German) to which they want to be enrolled. The specializations are: Biology, Biochemistry, Environmental biology, Industrial biotechnology (Romanian line), Ecology and environmental protection (German line),
  • discipline package they choose for the competition (classes IX + X or XI + XII, according to the competition theme),
  • series, number and date of the tax receipt
Registration fees


IBAN  RO35TREZ21620F330500XXXX

account opened with the National Bank, Cluj Treasury

please mention: “for the Faculty of Biology and Geology”, representing PROCESSING FEE

When paying the fee, please check:

  • the receipt is on the candidate’s name;
  • the mention “For the Faculty of Biology and Geology” explicitly appear on the payment form
Competition topics

Model tests

Model test 1 cls. 9-10

Model test 2 cls. 11-12

Students may choose one of the subject packages: grades IX + X or grades XI + XII.

DO NOT FORGET to mention your choice in the registration form!

Package ”Grades IX + X”
  1. Cell division: mitosis and meiosis.
  2. Sexual reproduction: features of the reproductive system and human reproduction.
  3. Plant nutrition: photosynthesis – definition, chemical equation, importance, role of assimilating pigments.
  4. Respiration in the living world: aerobic, anaerobic; fermentation; features of the respiratory system and respiration in mammals (mechanism of pulmonary ventilation).
  5. Mendelian laws and the chromosomal theory of heredity. General notions of heredity and variability. Mechanisms of transmission of hereditary characters. The influence of the environment on heredity (mutations, classification, mutagenic factors). Human genetics: hereditary diseases – classification and examples.
  6. The cell – structure and role of eukaryotic cell components.
  7. Locomotion in mammals (skeleton and limb muscles).
  8. Mammalian circulatory system – anatomy and physiology.


Package ”Grades XI + XII”
  1. Nervous system: neuron – structure and properties; synapse components and synaptic transmission; glial cells – roles.
  2. Somatic nervous system: reflex function – reflex act, conduction function – conduction pathways and their roles; brainstem (external configuration, structure and functions); cranial nerves.
  3. Sense organs: the segments of an analyzer and their role, visual and auditory analyzers (structure and physiology).
  4. Endocrine system: thyroid, endocrine pancreas (location, structure, secreted hormones and their actions). Diseases caused by hypo- and hypersecretion of the thyroid and endocrine pancreas.
  5. Nucleic acids: structure and functions (without chemical formulas). The genetic code. Autocatalytic and heterocatalytic function.
  6. Protein synthesis

Biology textbooks, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades accredited by the Ministry of National Education.

Note: The competition is open for 12th grade students or graduates who have studied biology during all high school years, for those who have studied only in the ninth and tenth grades as well as for those who have not studied biology in high school.

DEAN, Manuela BANCIU, Professor


Contest results are quantified at the maximum score of 100 points.

A minimum score of 60 points is required to access the places allocated for the competition.

The number of places allocated for each specialization will be determined later by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Biology and Geology based on the number of budgeted places allocated by the Ministry of Education for “Babeș-Bolyai” University. As the number of budgeted places allocated by the ministry for the academic year 2022-2023 will not be known at the time of the competition, the criteria according to which the number of places available to be filled through the “Emil Racoviță” competition will be established:

The number of budgeted places allocated to our faculty in the previous academic year (2021-2022)

The number of candidates who met more than 60 points (places will be allocated in descending order of the score obtained and the places available, therefore it is possible that not all candidates who obtained at least 60 points will be admitted).

When determining the number of places allocated to the contest “Emil Racoviță” for each specialization, it will be taken into account that, of the total places, some will be allocated for admission in July, so not all places allocated to the faculty can be filled through the “Emil Racoviţă” contest.

The ranking of candidates, within the limits mentioned above, is done in descending order of the score obtained and in the order of the candidate’s options for specializations:


Biology, Romanian line

Biochemistry, Romanian line

Environmental biology, Romanian line

Industrial biotechnology, Romanian line

Ecology and environmental protection, German line

Candidates who have scored at least 60 points will be ranked according to the specialization chosen as the first option. If they do not fall within the range of available places for this first option, they may be declared eligible for the second option, if places are available.

Candidates who have scored 60 points, but have not been declared admitted, are invited to participate in the admission session in July, under the conditions established for this (their performance in the contest “Emil Racoviță” will not be taken into account).

The contest results will be disclosed on the faculty website and on the faculty billboard, within 14 days after the contest.


Conditions for occupying the student places

The following conditions are mandatory for occupying the student places:

  • Baccalaureate diploma (June 2022 or a previous session);
  • Confirmation of admission by the candidate, within the period established by the university for the registrations in the July 2022 session (please follow on the faculty website / the admission calendar), by submitting the enrolment file to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Biology and Geology.

The enrolment file will include:

  1. Baccalaureate diploma or replacing certificate, in original;
  2. Registration sheet, in original or in copy (in this case the original is brought in order for the copy to be legalized at the faculty);
  3. Birth certificate, in copy and original (in order for the copy to be legalized at the faculty);
  4. Copy of the identity card;
  5. 3 photos ¾ (bulletin type);
  6. Standard medical certificate;
  7. Certificate of student status (for students pursuing a second degree or specialization);
  8. Enrollment form (obtained from the Dean’s Office of the faculty);
  9. College tuition fee (paid only by successful candidates when the place is confirmed).


The calculation of the admission grade, for the competitors who have been declared admitted to the competition and confirm (in July) the enrolment, will be as follows:

Admission grade = 9,00+  (”Emil Racoviță” contest score)/100