Doctoral School in Integrative Biology

Doctoral School in Integrative Biology (SDBI) is an integrated part of the Faculty of Biology and Geology.

It has a rank equal to a department and is guided and coordinated by the Institute of Doctoral Studies of Babeş-Bolyai University. SDBI organizes PhD studies in the field of Biology. Representing the third cycle of university studies, doctoral study program at UBB is completed by a scientific doctorate and the achievement of the title of PhD in Biology.

Admitere SDGTA

Doctoral School in Theoretical and Applied Geology is associated with the Department of Geology of Babeș-Bolyai University within the Faculty of Biology and Geology.

Doctoral studies in the field of geology are focused on the following main directions:

  1. The study of sedimentary basins under paleontological, stratigraphic and sedimentological aspects, with the main objective in the reconstruction of spatial and temporal relations between sedimentary units, the evolution of paleoenvironmental parameters and identification of favorable conditions for the accumulation of useful resources.
  2. The study of mineral and petrogenesis processes in the earth’s crust, in order to reconstruct their spatio-temporal evolution, including their potential to generate useful mineral resources.
  3. The study of dynamic phenomena and processes that led to the configuration and reconfiguration of the global and regional tectonic-structural units with effect on various major rock units.
  4. Applied studies in interdisciplinary fields (archeometry, heritage conservation, constructions, etc.).