• Dr. Manuela Banciu, Professor


  • Dr. Camelia Dobre, Lecturer Professor
  • Dr. Horia Ştefan Bedelean, Lecturer Professor
  • Dr. Jakab Endre, Lecturer Professor

Department heads

  • Dr. Beatrice Simona Kelemen, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Florin Crișan, Lecturer Professor
  • Dr. László Zoltán, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Nicolae Har, Associate Professor


Faculty Council representatives


Reprezentanti in Consiliul Facultatii


Working committees

Committee for international collaboration

Chair: Dr. Alexandru Stermin, Lecturer Professor
Members:  Dr. Peter Pap, Professor; Dr. Lucian Barbu, Associate Professor; Dr. Călin Tămaş, Associate Professor; Dr. Ioana Rusu, Teaching assistant;
Claudia Andreea Moldoveanu, Student.


  • To continue and deepen the existing relationships with universities and academic institutions;
  • To initiate new activities, partnerships and to identify new cooperation in education and scientific research (joint Master, joint PhD, joint research projects);
  • To establish collaborative relationships with universities at regional level (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.);
  • To invite foreign professors to hold conferences, courses, lectures, as well as to find viable solutions for establishing long-term joint actions;
  • To establish and maintain, through permanent updating, a complete database of agreements of the Faculty of Biology and Geology with foreign institutions;
  • To respond to any request from the Vice-Rector for International Relations or from the Rector of Babeș-Bolyai University concerning the implementation of the internationalization strategy of Babeș-Bolyai University;
  • To identify foreign partners (institutions, companies, training organizations, etc.) for bilateral agreements for students’ internships, with funding from the Erasmus+ programme;
  • To establish and coordinate a network of faculty students (BSc, MSc, PhD) able to tutor foreign students benefiting mobility through the various international programmes;
  • To organise the selection process for Erasmus+ mobility beneficiaries and other types of mobility projects;
  • To monitor international exchange programmes or mobility of teachers or students;
  • To organise teaching and/or scientific events (conferences, symposia, seminars) with international participation, according to European and international standards;
  • To organise, once a year or every two years, a summer school with international participation;
  • To encourage teachers and students to present their work at congresses, conferences and other events organised at international level;
  • To encourage teachers and students to publish research results in Studia Biologia, both to strengthen the journal’s position and to increase international visibility of scientific research carried out in the faculty;
  • To disseminate on the faculty website calls for international projects and programmes;
  • To increase the foreign students both by faculty advertising and by establishment of study programmes in English;
  • To create the English webpage on the faculty website.

Committee for cooperation with socio-economic environment

Chair: Dr. Mirela Cîmpean, Lecturer Professor
MembersDr. Dorina Podar, Associate Professor; Dr. Anca Farkas, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Maria Suciu, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Alexandru Stermin, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Raluca Haitonic, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Rahela Carpa, Lecturer Professor; Diana Bogdan, PhD Student; Nicolae Moga, Student.


  • To advertise the educational offer, in order to provide information to the economic environment about the study programmes;
  • To establish partnerships between the Faculty of Biology and Geology and economic agents, public institutions and research centres to support the students’ practice;
  • To support and promote volunteering actions within specialized NGOs;
  • To introduce optional course modules, as proposed by economic agents, to meet the requirements of the labour market;
  • To support the intervention of specialists in the educational process (courses/conferences/graduate and dissertation committees, etc.);
  • To inform students and graduates, in collaboration with student organisations, about the nomenclature of occupations and the skills required for each;
  • To create and update a database of local job offers (on the faculty website);
  • To organise events in order to establish contacts between students, graduates and economic agents, as potential employers;
  • To provide public disclosures by press releases, in order to promote faculty events;
  • To establish criteria for UBB merit awards or prizes for faculty involvement in activities related to community service;
  • To identify vocational training courses for professional categories which need to improve their geological, biological, ecological and related knowledge;
  • To identify topics of interest for the general public on current problems of mankind, for scientific popularization by faculty members;
  • To increase the visibility and advertise the faculty by organising scientific popularisation events in schools;
  • To encourage and support the involvement of specialists in communication and popularization of science.

Committee for academic teaching

Chair: Dr. Endre Jakab, Lecturer Professor
MembersDr. Anca Livia Butiuc, Associate Professor; Dr. Maria-Cristina Craioveanu, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Kunigunda Macalik, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Boglárka-Mercedesz Kis, Lecturer Professor; Claudia Andreea Moldoveanu, Student; Nicolae Moga, Student.


  • To coordinate and verify academic teaching according to relevant legislation, university and faculty regulations;
  • To monitor compliance of teaching activities;
  • To monitor compliance with ARACIS standards;
  • To monitor accessibility and quality of faculty’s learning resources;
  • To establish the tasks of the year tutors;
  • To establish the tasks of subject leaders;
  • To identify the need for new bachelor and master programmes;
  • To develop the offer for online courses;
  • To identify financing sources for development of teaching laboratories;
  • To identify alternative teaching methods and their possible application to different specialisations / extracurricular teaching activities / student circles, volunteering ;
  • To regulate and set the criteria for merit awarding for teaching activity;
  • To select candidates for the UBB Annual Teaching Excellence Awards

Committee for scientific research

Chair: Dr. Horia-Leonard Banciu, Professor
MembersDr. Dorina Podar, Associate Professor; Dr. Lujza Keresztes, Associate Professor; Dr. Karina Paula Battes, Associate Professor; Dr. Constantin Balica, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Endre Jakab, Lecturer Professor; Lázár Botond, PhD Student.


  • To select candidates for research/performance grants awarded to students by UBB;
  • To identify the problems arising during scientific research;
  • To discuss research ethics issues (including plagiarism issues);
  • To identify the opportunities for research development;
  • To develop a report template for the Dean’s Report, including the most relevant items for reporting scientific results;
  • To manage, in relationship between the Dean’s Office, the accredited research and development units (RDUs) in the FBG (declared as belonging to the faculty) and of the internally accredited research laboratories in collaboration with the unit directors/managers.
  • To keep evidence of research spaces (name of research laboratory, surface, technical facilities, research topics, responsible persons) important for ARACIS accreditation files, for a unitary record per FBG/Departments, with annual update;
  • To develop internal regulations for research laboratories;
  • To maintain/monitor a web page on research of FBG: laboratories/ RDUs (with links to their own pages), the most relevant research topics, ongoing projects, the most relevant publications of the FBG in the last year (for Geology and Biology separately) etc;
  • To support the need of FBG to have 2-3 permanent research scientists in the faculty, in topics that fit into the STEM+ strategy;
  • To develop a set of regulations and criteria for the award of merit on research;
  • To select candidates for the annual UBB Research Excellence Awards;
  • To select student candidates for CSPA;
  • To support the Dean’s Office in highlighting in the annual Dean’s reporting event the research merits for outstanding performing colleagues, including PhD or MSc/BSc students;
  • To support for the organisation of scientific events at faculty level, e.g. by the fact that FBG has an annual quota of advertising materials at the UBB Printing House, this quota can also be allocated for the promotion of scientific events (posters, booklets, posters);
  • To maintain a web page dedicated to scientific events organised at FBG;
  • To support the Dean’s Office in the elaboration of the faculty project on the research component.

Equivalence committee

Members: Dr. Alexandru-Nicolae Stermin, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Beatrice Simona Kelemen, Associate Professor; Dr. Péter-Laszlo Pap, Professor.


  • To apply regulations on the recognition of periods of study in the framework of mobility;
  • To perform equivalence of grades and the total number of transferable credits accumulated by the student during the mobility period;
  • Consultation on the equivalence with subject holders.

Committee for evaluation, quality assurance and Regulatory

ChairDr. Horia Bedelean, Lecturer Professor
MembersDr. Beatrice Simona Kelemen, Associate Professor; Dr. Lucian Teodor, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Ferencz Kosa, Lecturer Professor; Sebastian Emanuel Gherman, Student.


  • To coordinate the application of principles, procedures and activities of evaluation and quality assurance set by the university at faculty level;
  • To permanently review and improve the quality of activities carried out in the faculty;
  • To monitor the quality of the study programmes in order to meet the ARACIS criteria, with reference to the three areas: institutional capacity, educational efficiency and quality management;
  • To analyse and endorse the authorization/accreditation files of the study programs, the documents concerning the operational plan and the quality assurance plan;
  • To draft the annual reports of internal quality assessment in FBG;
  • To organise and coordinate the evaluation of teaching staff (by students, peers, management) and auxiliary teaching staff.
  • To align the Rules of Organization and Functioning of FBG with the UBB Charter, university regulations and procedures, the National Education Law No. 1 / 2011 with subsequent amendments and additions and any other relevant legislative provisions;
  • To propose regulations (rules, procedures) concerning various aspects of the internal life of the faculty, in accordance with the regulations and procedures of the university.

Committee on student life

Chair: Dr. Horia Bedelean, Lecturer Professor
Members: Dr. Maria Suciu, Lecturer Professor;  Dr. Alin David, Lecturer Professor;  Dr. Annamaria  Fenesi, Lecturer Professor; Sebastian Emanuel Gherman, Student.


  • To support and collaborate with student organisations to carry out student-initiated activities;
  • To support strategies and activities to improve the services offered to students, to ensure the popularization of regulations approved by the Senate regarding student activities;
  • To permanently review and propose to the Senate the update of regulations for accommodation, scholarships and camps for students;
  • To monitor and resolve, within the limits of its competence, the social problems of the faculty students;
  • To participate, together with the year tutors, in the identification of students at risk of dropping out;
  • To support and stimulate the organisation and students’ participation in annual student scientific sessions at specialisation and faculty level, in professional competitions, and in carrying out activities related to students’ career guidance;
  • To ensure compliance with the approved regulations and legislation in force concerning dormitory accommodation, scholarships and other support;
  • To propose improvement measures to be included in the strategic plan and the annual operational plans, based on the annual reports at faculty level on the results of students’ professional activity;
  • To draw up the Student Guide at the beginning of the academic year;
  • To monitor and propose solutions to student problems reported by the executive management at faculty and department level, by student organisations or by any other member of the university;
  • To monitor the progress of the executive management at faculty and department level, with respect to the principles of student-centred education, students’ rights and obligations according to the UBB Student Statute.

Ethics committee

Chair: Dr. Alexandru Stermin, Lecturer Professor
Members: Dr. Alina Viorica Sesărman, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Gyongyi Szekely, Lecturer Professor; Dr. Lorand Silye, Lecturer Professor; Szilvia Marta Meszaros, Student.


  • To analyse facts, situations or documents likely to violate the rules and principles of ethics in teaching, research and administrative activities;
  • To keeps the identity of the author of the complaint confidential;
  • To mediate conciliation between parties, if the deviation from the rules of university ethics is minor;
  • To recommend solving of the complaints by the UBB Ethics Committee, if the deviation from the rules of university ethics is not minor.