The master program (2 years) SYSTEMS ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION from the BIOLOGY study domain is recognized by ARACIS and prepares specialists in Ecology and related fields.

Alumni of the Master program are ecologists-biologists, teachers, researchers, inspectors and environmental advisers, museum curators, rangers and of protected areas manager. The jobs occupied by this master alumni are: in public institutions: schools, universities, botanical gardens,

research institutions, environmental agencies, The Romanian Waters National Administration, The Water Company, mayor offices, management offices of protected areas, plant protection centers, governmental agencies, ministry offices, non-governmental organisations; but also in privat companies.

General competences of the program include:

  • Knowledge on structure and functions of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, according to the systems ecology approach
  • Knowledge of the biodiversity role in ecosystem functioning for the protection, conservation and use of natural resources within the natural carrying capacity of the environment
  • Basic theoretical knowledge regarding the impact assessment, ecological rehabilitation and the management of natural and anthropogenic ecosystems
  • Development of a respectful civic attitude towards the conservation of natural values of our country

Professional competences of the program aim to accomplish a complex education, made to answer the market requirements:

  • Biodiversity studies, its protection, conservation and capitalization according to the sustainable development principles
  • Conservation of protected areas
  • Assessment of environmental quality based on bioindicators
  • Assessement of human impact and ecological rehabilitation of ecosystems
  • Ethical issues in environmental aspects
  • Aspects regarding the national and international legislation on the environment

Coordinator: lecturer Karina Battes (