The 2-year professional programme in Quality management in biomedical laboratories is nationally accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS). It also covers the European Syllabus ( and is mainly oriented towards the training of professional competences in the field of applied biology in the biomedical field.

The Master’s programme provides graduates with the following competences (extracted from Diploma Supplement):

General competences

· Ability to perform medical analyses and validate results in all disciplines of medical laboratory;

· Ability to implement and improve quality assurance systems in medical laboratories.

Transversal competences

· Use of laboratory equipment, modern molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics tools in basic and applied research and in the educational process;

· Ability to prepare documentation for the quality management system according to accreditation standards;

· Development of interpersonal skills – ability to work in teams; development of systemic skills, in particular the ability to work independently, to develop projects, to develop them and to achieve good quality results; development of the ability to analyse and synthesise based on the use of rigorous scientific methods.

Admission is on the basis of the undergraduate final examination score (100%) and the criterion is the average of the grades during all years of study.

Contact person: Lecturer PhD Camelia Dobre (