Molecular biotechnology, Master’s programme

The 2-year MSc programme in Molecular biotechnology is nationally accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS). It trains specialists in the fields of molecular biotechnology, molecular biology and genetics, biochemistry and medical biology. Graduates of this master’s degree may pursue a career in scientific research in the fields of biotechnology, biology, pharmacy, medicine, in research institutes or in industrial companies, as biologist in clinical laboratories or quality control laboratories, or as biotechnological engineer. Graduates of this master can also apply for PhD programmes, which will enable them to held top positions in the academic and scientific institutions as well as in private or public companies with a specific profile (professional status extracted from Diploma Supplement).

The Master’s programme provides graduates with the following competences (extracted from Diploma Supplement):

General competences

· Application of principles of molecular biology, its concepts and techniques in specific areas of biological and biomedical sciences;

· Ability to explain and analyse at molecular level different types of processes and mechanisms occurring in biological and biomedical sciences.

Transversal competences

· Use of laboratory equipment, molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics tools in basic and applied research and in the educational process;

· Development of systemic competences, in particular the ability to work independently, to design and develop projects and to obtain good quality results; development of analytical and synthesis skills based on the use of rigorous scientific methods;

· Competence in carrying out analyses in clinical and quality control laboratories.

Admission is based on the undergraduate final examination score (50%) and the interview score (50%). The interview consists of a discussion focused on general issues related to nucleic acids (structure and functions) and motivation for choosing this Master’s programme in the context of the candidate’s academic background.

Coordinator: Lecturer Dr. Ioana Draghici (