All those who want to explore the mysteries of the Earth, to know the fascination of minerals, the enigma of fossils, the depths of caves, the greatness of mountains, the strength of volcanoes or to learn how to discover and protect natural resources.

The Department of Geology, UBB Cluj he joins her, to complete her professional training and to turn her passion into fulfillment. The bachelor’s degree program in GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING aims to offer students the opportunity to train and train as specialists in a field with a pronounced applicative character. Geology is a fundamental field closely related to the practical needs of identifying, exploring, capitalizing on and protecting natural resources. Geology promotes the interaction between humans and the physical constituents of the Earth, ie rocks, sediments, soils and fluids, as well as associated natural processes. However, the geological environment is also a resource and a hazard for human development, being essential for life. It provides water, energy and many of the raw materials needed to run the company. It also contributes to decision-making in urban and infrastructure plans, offering opportunities for knowledge and prevention of hazards (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods). Geological engineering is actively involved mainly in geotechnics and engineering geology in civil and industrial construction, mining and drilling works, rehabilitation of affected areas, as well as public works associated with road and railway infrastructure, embankment works, slope stabilization, etc. Graduates of the Geological Engineering specialization are needed on the labor market and can work in institutions or companies with a geological profile, construction or environmental protection and can hold positions of geological engineer (prospecting, exploration, exploitation of mineral resources, energy, water resources), as well as and consultancy in solving environmental problems / natural hazards, design and execution of foundation works for civil and industrial constructions, protection of historical and natural heritage, archeology, agriculture, land improvements, etc. Under the conditions of promoting the Pedagogical Module, the holder of this diploma can work in any state or private secondary school. The graduates of the Geological Engineering specialization will have the basic qualification of GEOLOGICAL ENGINEER, and among the targeted occupations are: Geological Engineer, Geology Researcher, Technical Geology Researcher, Geologist Expert, etc.

Among the competencies acquired:

– analyzing and solving problems in the fundamental field of engineering sciences and in particular geological engineering, based on the application of appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge as well as analysis and solving problems of geological environment based on the application of geological engineering methods;

-evaluation and capitalization of geological resources based on the application of geological engineering methods;

-understanding and approaching the problems of geological engineering in all fields of life and natural sciences;

-analysis and interpretation of geological processes and products in the context of the dynamic evolution of the earth’s crust and the industrial and scientific capitalization of mineral, water and natural heritage resources;

– identifying the objectives to be achieved, the available resources, their completion conditions, working stages, working times, related deadlines and related risks as well as identifying responsibility in a multidisciplinary team and applying effective relationship and work techniques within the team;

-the efficient use of information sources and of the resources of communication and assisted professional training (internet portals, specialized software applications, databases, online courses, environmental legislation, etc.) both in Romanian and in English. He will have the ability of lifelong learning, understanding and application of the latest scientific results.

The training of good specialists is a priority of the Geology Department, which over the years has provided the necessary specialists for many specialized companies in the country (Romgaz, CRH, Dafora, Geiger Romania, OMV Petrom, Geosearch, Arcgeostudies, Geodesign, etc. .) and from several continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America or Australia).

Traditional placements in the labor market:

• national and international companies for prospecting, exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas fields (ROMGAZ, OMV PETROM, BP, Occidental, Chevron, Shell, etc.)

• national and international mining and quarrying companies (Geoservice, Devagold);

• civil, hydrotechnical construction companies, roads and bridges;

• offices and work points subordinated to local and county councils;

• environmental protection agents;

• companies producing ornamental rocks;

• county and local museums …

Other possibilities given by the wide horizon of knowledge acquired during the studies


Lecturer dr. Horea Bedelean-

Reader. dr. Nicolae Har-