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Detalii platforma




Toate informațiile și comunicarea dintre candidat și Comisia de admitere vor fi realizate prin intermediul adresei de email.  

Vă rugăm să vă verificați ÎN PERMANENȚĂ adresa de email cu care v-ați facut contul de înscriere la admitere. Toate informațiile privind starea dosarului, numarul de legitimație, rezultatele concursului, date pentru confirmare etc., vor fi trimise pe adresa de email.

Dupa completarea datelor, încărcarea TUTUROR documentelor și efectuarea plații taxelor, nu uitați să apăsați butonul “Trimite dosar” pentru a trimite dosarul de înscriere către comisie.

Dacă dosarul tău a fost trimis cu succes vei primi un e-mail cu numărul dosarului și facultatea la care te-ai înscris.

Verifica cu mare atentie statusul dosarelor depuse, în contul tau, la pagina “Dosare – înscriere”. În dreapta dosarelor poți verifica statusul dosarelor tale. Dacă trebuie să reîncarci unele documente, să completezi plata sau să modifici alte date, vei fi anunțat de comisie prin email. Mesajul comisiei va fi vizibil și pe pagina “Dosare – înscriere”.

TUTORIAL for registration platform

Candidate registration is done only ONLINE.

Candidates are responsible for uploading on the platform / correct transmission of all signed documents (where applicable) and scanned provided in the Admission Regulations of Babeș-Bolyai University, approved by Senate Decision no. 17907 of 14.12.2020, amended and supplemented based on the Senate Decision no. 14 from 15.02.2021.

The exception to this rule are the 3/4 cm photos that will be brought in physical format at the beginning of the teaching activity. Candidates assume responsibility for the authenticity and correspondence between digital / scanned and original documents to be submitted to the candidate’s file by a signed written declaration.

  • Registration form (signed), the candidates will fill in the form in the admission application in which they will mention, under their own signature, all the data requested by the respective form.
    • Particular attention is drawn to the need to specify the option regarding specialization, language of study, form of education (full-time, part-time, distance) and the funding regime.
    • Please note that if there are not enough candidates for the respective specialization chosen by the candidate to complete a group of study, they will be able to opt for a specialization in the same field, at the same faculty, provided that this specialization is entered in the registration form used by the faculty.
    • After the end of the registration period, the options, their order and other information in the registration form cannot be changed.
  • Highschool diploma/certificate and transcript (for diplomas accompanied by transcript) or equivalent; High school graduates with a diploma obtained before this year will submit a declaration on their own responsibility (according to the model: CLICK HERE) from which to result the school trajectory in the Romanian state university education.
    • Certificate / certificates attesting the number of years budgeted or paid for in the Romanian university system and from which it should result that he / she has paid the university fees up to date – for graduates who have followed a bachelor’s degree;
  • Birth certificate;
  • ID card;
  • Medical certificate;
  • LETTER OF MOTIVATION (those admitted with the competitions E.Racoviță and I.Apathy DO NOT have to submit this document)
  • Proof of payment of the admission fee consisting of the registration fee (70 lei) + processing fee (50 lei) = TOTAL 120 lei;
  • It can be paid online in the admission application; OR The amount can be paid at any post office in the country or bank transfer, in the account: RO35TREZ21620F330500XXXX, fiscal code: 4305849 ATTENTION! With the mention – for Faculty of Biology and Geology and the name of the candidate.
    • Documents showing the exemption from processing and / or registration fees for candidates who request this under the conditions of this regulation;

CANDIDATES WITH HIGH SCHOOL STUDIES ABROAD, but with romanian citizenship and adress in will have to equate their studies before enrollment (high school diploma and transcript). Details on equivalence can be obtained from the General Secretary UBB- KOZMA KIS Elisabeth Tel: + 40-0264-405300, int.5105 Email:

Necessary documents for candidates opting for places reserved for the Roma ethnic group:

  1. a recommendation from a legally constituted Roma organization, regardless of its field of activity, stating that it is part of the Roma ethnic group and not that it is a member of the organization in question and
  2. application for registration, admission of Roma ethnicity; Additional information about this category here –

Necessary documents for candidates opting for the places reserved for candidates in the special protection system (placement). In order to enroll in college, candidates from the social protection system must submit documents proving their inclusion in this category and a standard enrollment application. Additional information about this category here –


The confirmation procedure will be displayed before the registration is completed.

Distribution of Candidates

Admission to the Faculty of Biology and Geology is strictly in descending order of the general averages obtained by candidates, depending on the selection and selection system, the choice of candidates for a particular field, line of study or form of education and within the number of places for which the contest is organized. If there are several candidates with equal averages on the last place, the quantifiable criteria of separation will be applied, established by the faculty in the Annex of the faculty to the admission regulation for the academic year 2021/2022-bachelor level.

If a candidate admitted to budgeted places renounces the quality of student acquired through competition, or does not confirm the place by the established term, the vacant place is occupied in descending order of averages as follows:

  • with one of the candidates who obtained the general average equal to that of the last admitted candidate, with the application of the separation criteria established by the faculty.
  • with the first of the candidates below the average of those admitted in the budget regime.
  • by redistribution within the line of study, of the faculty, under the conditions established by the own methodology of the faculty.
  1. The results of the admission contest, verified and approved by the Admission Commission of the faculty, are made public by immediate posting on the web page in the „Admission” section and at the faculty headquarters, in a visible place, mentioning the date and time of posting.
    Until this final phase, the following intermediate phases take place:
    • Computer processing of the marks obtained by the candidates.
    • Calculation of the final, general average of admission of each candidate.
    • The results of the admission, signed by the chairman of the faculty committee and by the Rector of the University, are displayed on the website and on the faculty notice board. The lists of candidates admitted for specializations on a budget and fee basis are displayed, sorted in descending order by the general average (and other additional criteria) and the list of rejected candidates (for all specializations of the competition). The term and place of filing the appeals will be mentioned.


    The appeals will be submitted according to the instructions given together with the results, within 48 hours from the date of posting the results, and will be solved by the faculty commission.

    The communication of the results to the appeals is done by display. After the expiration of the term for resolving and responding to appeals, the result of the admission competition is considered final and can no longer be modified, except through the mechanisms of withdrawals, non-confirmations and slips. After establishing the final result, no appeals are allowed based on the ignorance of the admission methodology.

Admision Fees

ADMISSION FEE consists of the registration fee and the processing fee: 120 RON for each unique registration form

The registration fee is 70 RON
The processing fee of RON 50 is mandatory and non-refundable.
In order to register for the admission contest, the faculties charge, according to the law, admission fees from the candidates for the contest (regardless of the form of organization), their amount including the activities related to the analysis of appeals filed within the legal term.

Employees and children of employees of Babeş-Bolyai University, the Central University Library, the Botanical Garden and the restaurants and cafeterias of the University, as well as children of teaching and auxiliary teaching staff or retirees from university and pre-university education institutions, are exempt from paying the fee. sign up. For organizational and communication aspects, including for possible pre-registration, the processing fee is charged, a fee that is not subject to exemptions, reliefs and is not refundable. Exceptions are orphaned candidates from both parents and young people from placement centers who are exempt from paying the admission fee (consisting of: registration fee and processing fee). In the case of candidates from placement centers, the UBB Senate may allocate a number of places free of charge, granted outside the tuition figure financed from the state budget.

The payment of the admission fees is made for each competition, with the eventual reliefs established by the University Senate.

Upon enrollment, the candidate is obliged to declare the number of years of study in which he / she has held a budgeted position at Babeş-Bolyai University or another higher education institution.

Schooling taxes

Candidates admitted to the fee-paying places in the admission competition must register in the first year, conclude a university study contract with the faculty and pay the first installment of the tuition fee.
In case of requesting the withdrawal from studies before the beginning of the academic year, by a written request and registered at the secretariat of the faculty, the paid tuition fee will be refunded in full. Also, the fee paid upon confirmation of the place with payment, in case of slipping on the budgeted place, will be refunded.

The amount of the tuition fee at the bachelor’s level is 2000 lei / academic year, which can be paid in 4 installments of 500 lei each, the first of them when confirming the place obtained in the competition.


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