The 3-year BSc study programme in Biochemistry is nationally accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS). Graduates of this specialisation will have the basic qualification as BIOLOGISTS, according to the National Register of Qualifications in Higher Education (RNCIS). Level of qualification: Bachelor Studies – Level 6 NQF (National Qualifications Framework) / EQF (European Qualifications Framework).

The holder of this diploma is qualified, on the condition of graduating the pedagogical module, to teach Biology at any state or private educational institution. As well, the holder of this diploma is qualified to work in any biology, biochemistry or biotechnology research institute, accredited laboratory (food control, clinical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics laboratories) or companies on positions requiring fundamental and practical competencies in biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology (professional status extracted from Diploma Supplement). The occupations concerned, according to the Romanian Classification of Occupations, are: Biochemist (code 213124), biochemistry advisor (code 213121) and biologist (code 213114).

The Biochemistry programme provides graduates with the following learning outcomes (extracted from Diploma Supplement):

Professional competencies

· Operating with notions, concepts, laws and specific principles of this domain.

· Investigation of molecular and cellular bases of organization and functioning of living matter.

· Identification and characterization of biochemical compounds present in living organisms.

· Exploring the biochemical processes in living organisms.

· Understanding the living world by using models and algorithms.

· Integration of inter /transdisciplinary domain-specific knowledge.

· Handling the analytical tools necessary for quantitative and qualitative measurements of biochemical compounds.

Transversal competencies

· Responsible and efficient fulfilment of tasks related to professional domain according to ethical principles.

· Identifying the role in a team and taking appropriate professional profile and personal responsibilities.

· Development the capacity of critical-constructive reflection on own level of training in relation to the professional standards.

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