Laboratory of Geomaterials

Laboratory of Geomaterials Analyses – GEOTEST


Applications: determination of physical and mechanical properties of the rocks, of raw and processed mineral materials, according to the European standards.


Purpose: Support of the teaching and research activities, training of professionals, expertise for constructions and construction materials.

Module 1. Complex analyses on cohesive rocks


  • monoaxial compression;
  • monoaxial/triaxial effort path;
  • effort diagrams for elongation, uniaxial elasticity module;
  • triaxial elongation and displacement effort diagram;
  • elasticity module for rocks and concretes;
  • location of cracks and inclusions in concretes and rocks;
  • elastic parameters

Module 2. Complex analyses on non-cohesive and weakly cohesive rocks


  •  triaxial tests in UU/CU/CD conditions;
  • direct / residual shearing;
  • compaction (Edometer with 3 cells) – digital and analogic;
  • Los Angeles dry fragmentation;
  • humidity;
  • specific weight (pycnometer);
  • plasticity limits;
  • granulosity by sedimentation;
  • free swelling.