– Analyses on micro-elements from solid materials and liquids;

– Analyses for concentrations of trace elements in rocks, soils, and water;

– Mineralogic and petrographic analyses on natural and synthetic products;

– Testing physical and mechanical properties of materials used in constructions and industry (ceramics, glass, cements)

– Micropaleontologic, biostratigraphic, paleoenvironmental, and sedimentologic analyses on sedimentary rocks and recent sediments;

– Analogue modelling;

– Isotopic analyses – δ18O, δ2H and δ13C;

– Geological mapping, data interpretation in prospection and exploration, geological data integration, optimization of exploration and mining works;

– Tematic exhibitions, promotion of geosciences;

– Organising conferences and workshops;

– Organising field trips and tematic applications for specialists and beginners;

– Professional courses, summer schools, training stages etc.